Friday, January 18, 2013


Both team contingents were in a holding pattern today. The team in Union Glacier passed another day at the foot of the Ellsworth Mountain Range awaiting their departure to Punta Arenas. They are living in a sublime setting, but anxiously await their reintegration to normal life (and indoor plumbing).

The Vinson team awoke feeling a little run down, so they spent the day napping, rehydrating and stoking the caloric furnace. Yesterday's warm weather and still wind made for excellent climbing conditions, but it also made it difficult to stay hydrated. Some team members went down to their shirt sleeves to avoid sweating too much.

Tomorrow the team will put today's respite and refueling to good use. They expect to spend between 9 and 13 hours on the move, covering over 7,000' in elevation change. Weather permitting, they'll tag the summit and return to High Camp for the night.

Check back tomorrow to see if the Punta team gets on their way and if the Vinson team bags the summit! 

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