Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Beating AMS

The team sleeps tonight at 89 degrees 18.3 minutes south latitude after skiing roughly 8.1 nautical miles in 7 hours. They covered that distance by pushing forward for 90 minutes at a time, taking a short break and then repeating.

Keith and Dale skiing strong

The team's increased endurance shows that they have acclimatized to the altitude. While acclimatizing it's important to eat well, stay hydrated and avoid overexertion because your body is already working overtime to produce more red blood cells. 

The warm weather spell continued today. The temperature dipped back to -25 Celsius, and we've heard reports that the Amundsen - Scott Station at the South Pole has yet to record a temperature colder than -25 C since the season opened.

Dale and Diego

Ian, John and Taylor

The team enjoyed high visibility, contrast and low winds throughout the day. Many team members have stripped down to a single light baselayer beneath their wind anoraks--and even that was a little too hot for some of them. 

As always, thanks for following and check back tomorrow for more notes from the field.

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