Thursday, January 3, 2013

Looking Forward to an Early Wake Up Call

The team spent their first full day together taking care of some of the thrilling logistical matters that they had so eagerly awaited for months on end...just kidding. The real fun will begin soon enough though!

Some of the team arrived late yesterday evening, and would have appreciated a late start. But all 14 of the Last Degree squad attended their two-hour pre-flight briefing at 9 this morning. They spent the afternoon weighing their gear at the airport, and then loading it onto the aircraft that will take them to Antarctica tomorrow.

Diego, Michel, Dale and Heather weighing in
Alexey, Niall and Sasha weighing in

Since the full team didn't have a chance to sit down together yesterday, they had meeting this evening to get to know one another, swap stories and make dinner plans. No doubt that some of them will partake in a drink or two at the famous Shackleton Bar tonight.

But they won't stay out too late, because they expect a call tomorrow morning (Keith Heger, one of the guides, predicts 6:30 AM) from the charter air providers. The phone conversation will go something like this:

"The plane leaves in an hour, with or without you."

Captain Keith and Simon weighing in

So tonight rucksacks will be packed, and backup alarms set. Tomorrow they will board a flight in civilization and deboard on the world's wildest continent!

Thanks for following. Check back tomorrow for more notes from the field.

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  1. Courage! je vais te suivre tous qui passé. j'aimerai beaucoup allé avec vous! donc je reste maison avec chaud bien :) prend soin toi! sois homme courage pole Sud!