Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Pole at Last!

They made it! Today each team member stood on each longitudinal line at once. They stood in every time zone. They "ran out of south".

The Ceremonial South Pole and Amundsen-Scott Station (photo courtesy of Wikimedia)

They arrived at the Pole this evening. After taking a few photos at both the Geographic and the Ceremonial South Pole, they toured the Amundsen-Scott research station, named of course after the first two explorers to reach the Pole.
Amundsen-Scott from the air (photo courtesy of Wikimedia)

Tonight the team is celebrating. They've already enjoyed a dinner that they didn't have to cook themselves, and have moved on to drinks and cigars.

Well done, team! Drama and accident free expeditions are well organized undertakings made up of intrepid, team spirited folks.

Back to Union Glacier tomorrow

With all the touring and celebrating that must be attended to tonight, the team has not had an opportunity to send many photos from today. Tomorrow they will return to Union Glacier Base Camp and send in some good ones. Be sure to check back tomorrow for Pole Pics!

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