Monday, January 7, 2013

Back to Freeze Dry

That's right, after finishing off their second full day on the trail the team fueled up for day three with the lightweight, trusty (if not extremely tasty) expedition standard: freeze dry dinners. We shouldn't complain. These days the freeze dry fair is actually quite palatable, but you sure do look forward to "freshies" after a week of freeze dry!

The team put in 6.5 miles over the course of six hours, and sleep tonight at 89 degrees, 10 minutes south latitude. They only took three breaks throughout those six hours. Yesterday they took three breaks over four hours, so it seems they are acclimatizing and getting their legs underneath them.

The cook tent
They had another easy weather day too, no wind and only -4 Fahrenheit / -20 Celsius...downright balmy! Captain Keith says he's never had a warmer day on Antarctica. The warm temps and six hours of skiing made some team members so drowsy that they were already asleep while others were calling in the dispatch.

Nick and Simon

The team is starting to hit their pace. You can expect that their mileage will increase as they continue to acclimatize and gel as a unit. Thanks for following, and check back tomorrow for more notes from the field.


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