Sunday, January 13, 2013


When the team encountered clear skies they could actually see their ultimate goal (well, the research station immediately adjacent to the Pole) while they skied. They put in another solid seven hours and now stand at 89 degrees, 52.1 minutes south, just under eight nautical miles from the bottom of the globe. 

The team worked very well together. As Nick mentions in his audio update, everyone is looking out for one another, and every kind gesture or bit of teamwork carries immense weight. Whether it's a simple matter of sharing chocolate bars or carrying extra weight when a teammate is feeling less than 100% or just making sure to be ready to ski when it's time to ski, each bit of positive energy helps create a safe, successful and unforgettable expedition--memories to be proud of and cherish.

The team pitched the big group shelter tonight so that they could treat themselves to another specialty meal. Tonight's menu: steak, sauteed vegetables and mashed potatoes. Keith and Taylor didn't mention what was on the drink menu, but you can bet that everyone's having fun in the "green room".

Thanks for following, and check back tomorrow for notes from the South Pole!

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